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Macchie Solari
See a movie like thins in 2019 brings up to two things. The first is that Armando Crispino in his brief career in the thriller genre had a certain imagination in setting his stories, also seeing the brilliant "L’etrusco uccide ancora".
The second thing is that Greta Thunberg must not see this film. Because "Macchie Solari" of 1975, starts from the hypothesis that excessive heat can generate a series of deaths. In reality this para sci-fi hypothesis is only smoke and mirrors, only a lengthening the movie, despite Crispino inserting scenes that can justify this theory throughout the film. We are much more simply in the wake of Dario Argento, with references to Fulci. A trail, however, without blood, or ferocious murders and of a certain order. Crispino tries, puts bodies in pieces, scenes in the morgue, morbid moments of sex and disturbing characters, but not everything goes well.
Protagonist, and witness of a certain link with Argento, is Mimsy Farmer, which we remember for "4 mosche di velluto grigio" which has a clear field for the fears and hysteria of every key thriller character. She is Simona Sanna, daughter of the rich palyboy Gianni, she works as doctor at the morgue, and is author of a thesis on suicides. But it does not end here, it also suffers from hallucinations and "sees" the corpses who get up and have sex (!).
One day the corpse of his father's partner, Betty Lenox, is found. A suicide according to the police, despite the doubts of his brother Paul (former pilot now a priest ... mah ...). This death starts a series of suspicions and doubts that involve everyone. Gianni (played by Massimo Serato), Paul himself (Barry Primus) and Simona's handsome fiancé, played by Ray Lovelock.
A decidedly predictable ending as much as the clue, it closes a tangled film in which Crispino takes a lot of work behind the camera but forgetting to put his hand to the script. Fortunately, there is Ennio Morricone good as always with the music and here he saves everything.