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L'insegnante al mare con tutta la classe
The teacher at sea with the whole class is actually Gino Pagnani, in an undefined professor from Veneto. Luckily for us, it is not him who undresses. The burden of showing us some meat is on the shoulders of Anna Maria Rizzoli, exploited as much as possible with her tits and her B side.
As you can guess we are in the umpteenth variation of the sub-genre teachers, in a film that has some interesting ideas, but a terrifying and boring second part. Tarantini directing, with Milizia who wrote with him the screenplay, shows once again that he knows how to choose good protagonists and characters. Because what saves some moments of this 1980 film are the comic duets between Lino Banfi and Alvaro Vitali, well supported by great characters such as Franco Diogene, Francesca Coluzzi, Marco Gelardini, Adriana Facchetti and the inevitable cameo by Jimmy Il Fenomeno. And well… of course, as already mentioned, there is Anna Maria Rizzoli, spied in a cabin, topless in the room or walking around with generous clothes. A bit of trash comedy and a bit of slapstick, just not to miss anything and the movie is done.
Nothing new, therefore, neither in the roles nor in the performance of the facts. The canvas is always the same: a wealthy industrial manager and asshole (Lino Banfi) has a son sent back to school and uses the opportunity to invite his lover (but in this case is an aim lover) at a tourist resort. There he tries to have sex with her, but there is his wife (Francesca Coluzzi), there is his son (Marco Gelardini) and a lot of other unexpected events. And, there is also a group of students on a trip, despite the school's over, to justify the title.
Not a bad start, but everything slowly slips towards the worst, sublimating with a long and annoying gag between a drunk Gino Pagnani and Lino Banfi dressed as a woman. The ending sees the defeat of the corrupt and asshole industrialist and the beauty that slips into his son's bed. As always.