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Terror at orgy castle
The old Europe is fatal for a young couple on holidays. They book a room in a castle owned by the Countess Dominova who employs the usual sinister servant named Igor. Those places, where you have just entered, you should run away, call those who booked you and give you the money back.
But if Bill and Lisa had given up, we would not have been able to admire this extremely trash film that has neither headlines, nor ending, perhaps due to the classic "shame" of appearing and prefers narration with an external voice to dialogue.
First of all from the "scary" title we can remove the word "Terror" and leave the most correct "Orgy Castle", because there is nothing that scary but there are many nudes and sex scenes. Bill and Lisa, as soon as they enter the room, have sex and the countess spies on them, in topless, appearing in the room without being noticed. Bill, who is also the narrator, whose voice is from the director, then reads a horror book and between dream and reality begins to wander around the castle and finds the naked countess who is doing a black mass (mostly spreading cream on the tits of two girls without clothes).
And this is the plot of the film, which gives us scult scenes, such as the orgy with vampires, or what they are, that emerge from the mirror and have sex with Bill while Lisa sleeps next to him without noticing anything. Or like the beautiful masquerade party, which ends with the sacrifice of a naked girl torn to pieces by a very bad mouse who enters her belly, but in the end it turns out to be a nice prestige trick, which those present appreciate. Not to mention Bill's expressions while two girls give him fellatio.
Sixty minutes like this, amid very soft-core scenes and actresses who sometimes chuckle and look at the camera, but with a soundtrack that alleviates the vision of this extremely trashy bandwagon.
As mentioned, no actor is credited but there are known faces and (tits) of the American erotic cinema of the seventies.
The director instead is Zoltan G. Spencer, who here touches the highest point of his short career.