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Il sottile fascino del peccato
They specify and the end of the film that is set in Alberobello, but that the Apulian town has nothing to do with the "grim" story. The problem is not to be combined with obscure events, but to be to a film like this, which does not go beyond the fiction or soap opera done badly.
First of all, it should not be confused with "Il fascino sottile del peccato" by Nini Grassia and secondly it should be noted a cast of famous names, a bit in decline, that could have done more but that was probably destroyed by a weak screenplay, from an amateur direction and an annoying dubbing. There is Nino Castelnuovo, Nando Gazzolo, Laura Troschel, Lorenza Guerrieri and Milena Miconi, all grappling with a film that tells of black masses, though, if they see few.
Giada Giardini (Carmen Trigiante) writer of more or less erotic novels returns to Alberobello for the funeral of the dead suicidal mother. And there he began to investigate the incident, discovering that his mother was an adept of a sect and trying to free herself from various "sinister" characters, including her father (Nino Castelnuovo) and the hotel manager (Milena Miconi) , not to mention a descent into the world of the paranormal and several twists.
This seems an interesting plot and probably had good potential, demolished, as already mentioned by a terrible production that does not fail to give us little special and very adolescent effects (that is, even a child could do them).