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Intrigues and black magic but above all boobs and silicon in a very absurd and kitsch b movie, which in the end has a great dignity. The sorcerer behind this 1995 film is Jim Wynorski who in 1982 wrote another "Sorceress" directed by Jack Hill and who here direct a movie written by Mark Thomas McGee, actor, director and above all author with whom already he had worked in the past. McGee for the record also wrote for Fred Olen Ray, thus, to close a magic triangle (a form cited also not by chance) that gave great satisfaction to the soft-core and direct-to-video.
The first images of "Sorceress" already make us understand the intentions: Julie Strain (Erica) shows her tits while doing a spell/curse. Among other things, the casus belli is rather absurd, because she search revenge against Howard (Edward Albert) who had an important promotion in a law firm despite her boyfriend Larry (Larry Pointdexter). Therefore, the unlucky Howard, due to the spell, has an accident and ends up in a wheelchair.
So far, the story can also have its own (more or less) meaning, but what happens next is a long series of absurdities. Howard's Amelia played by Linda Blair she is also a witch. Not to mention that due to a domestic accident Larry push Erica from the balcony, and she die. A third witch is Maria (Toni Naples) who, however, apart from a couple of lesbian and threesome moments with Erica and Larry, limits herself to a few talks about magic.
From here on, Amelia attempts to take revenge on her husband's injury, trying to kill Larry in every way. Meanwhile, Larry is consoled with his ex-girlfriend Carol (Rochelle Swanson), who at a certain point is remotely commanded by Amelia via a horrendous Hungarian medallion (boh). There is also Stan, the Amelia’s handyman who tries to kill the "enemy" in his law firm.
Once again, however, the best must come. Carol, subjugated by Amelia, has a lesbian dream with Erica and Maria and Larry invites a couple of friends to his house to get help with painting a room. Really. Aside from they put really long time, Amelia tries to carry out her plan, naturally putting a lot of eroticism.
However, Amelia's revenge is not her only goal because it is clear that she find pleasure in living the sexual experiences of others. This thing closes the circle on a plot that doesn't have its own logic that travels with absurd expedients to go on. At the end, "Sorceress" is a pleasant film thanks to the tons of meat on display. Wynorski as director is certainly better than of his genre colleagues and objectively knows how to emphasize the silicone of actors.
A small trash jewel, embellished by the cameos of the director, Fred Olen Ray and William Marshall, the great Mamuwalde of "Blacula".