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The Swamp of the Ravens
This is a Spanish Frankenstein, with enormous affair problems, which thanks to an Ecuadorean / Spanish production has an exotic and curious touch.
"El pantano de los cuervos", that is "The swamp of the raven" is a film of 1974 that adds a romantic, police, comic and musical parenthesis to the horror genre. The result is a weird b movie, made with few resources and little technique by Manuel Caño who still makes a film that runs from beginning to end and that does, for all we have written, much, sick, sympathetic.
Dr. Frosta is a talented doctor, a kind of researcher, who loves working on the study of biochemistry and DNA. He says that after a person has died, he can bring persons back to life. The scientific community opposes him and does not believe in his work. Therefore, he, although he continues to work in a research center, creates a nice laboratory in a shack inside a swamp where he continues his experiments to revive the corpses and treat the sick. When something goes wrong, he throws them in the swamp.
In his life, there is also space for a tormenting love story, with her leaving him for an old love and showing us some boobs and starring in some vaguely morbid / erotic scene. There is also space for police investigations, far from serious. Well, in the end for some reason the dead of the swamp come back to life.
Among crows that apparently are not ravens, hands and pieces of body cut openly obviously fake "El pantano de los cuervos" gives a lot of fun, just like the best, even worse, they can do.