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Dirty Pool
After so many movies with tits and soft-core scenes held together by a very silly story, I want to change approach and put it on the fact that I notice a great genius here. Making a film that is not a film, of 61 ', using a house, a car, a few clothes and above all a swimming pool. No artistic quality, no directorial skills, from the director and author Ed Stevens, but a decent soundtrack (taken who knows where). No live audio, only narrative voices describing the events.
And above all the luck of having a cast with Uschi Digard and Neola Graef. If for the first it is useless to say something else, given that it is one of the favourite of this site and since we have "encountered" her so many times it is right to point out that Neola Graef was another voluptuous but small star of the soft-core cinema seen often with the busty Swedish.
Neola and her boyfriend travel on a convertible, but they want to have sex and stop in the bush. We are at a period of year that is not clear whether it is autumn (given the leaves and seeing that they are dressed a little heavy) or summer, given that Uschi Digard is at home and heavily bothered her husband who is "make the effort" to satisfy her.
At one point her husband leaves, the two stop in front of the house and notice her. They come in, strip her and have sex. A threesome, which is joined by Uschi's husband who returns home.
All there, between lesbian scenes, tangled bodies, and of course lots of nudes. For me it is "brilliant", especially for having found money for this useless bad movie.