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Sbirro, la tua legge è!
A very convincing and amusing title, a great genre director like Stelvio Massi and two famous protagonists: Maurizio Merli and Mario Merola, who had already duet in Lenzi's "Da Corleone a Brooklyn". Therefore, a film that promises well. Unfortunately only promise.
Even if Massi does not miss deaths and chasing in of Milan and the plot follows the plot of the genre, we note a remarkable tiredness and lack of convincing ideas. Maybe because we are in 1979 and the best of the poliziottesco has already passed and it left a little j before sunset or it will be that Maurizio Merli, not dubbed, loses most of his charm. Who knows? Or, finally, there will also be a series of absurd moments, such as Merli, who plays the commissioner Paolo Ferro, receive a box a with a wolf's head in it, just out of Milan Centrale. A warning from the mafia, faster and more precise than Amazon.
Poorly made shoulder characters, such as the "comic relief", that is Ferro's right arm whose gags, instead of lightening the story create heaviness that the same commissioner points out and even a melodramatic vein that distracts attention to the central core, to then hold onto it in a poor way. Because our commissioner, in addition to fighting the bad guys, has to face a family problem, which sees his nephew (played by a young Massimo Dapporto) struggling with drug problems.
Paolo Ferro, a policeman who works in Paris, come back to Italy following several bloody murders of probable mafia origin. The investigations are not easy and the only one who helps the policeman is an old boss, Don Alfonso. Among the suspects there is Raffaele Acampora (an ultra-classic Mario Merola) ex-boss, out of the mob and now businessman in restoration. And since the case is difficult, the good Ferro puts his life at risk, to find out the obvious culprit.
Little role for Francesco Salvi, in the role of an infiltrated policeman.