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El Camino
What about Jesse? Jesse, where did he go after White's death? We have asked ourselves several times in these long years since the end of one of the best and most beloved series in history. We asked ourselves during the excellent "Better Call Saul" and finally in 2019, we find out.
The worries before the vision were many, because the films taken from TV series always make a great fear. The risk is that everything is diminished or that in the end it is just a job at the service of the fans. For "El Camino" we are in the second case but, considering the narrative and technical qualities of the series, we can say that it is not a problem at all. Of course, if you have not seen the series, it makes no sense to watch "El Camino". But it makes no sense not to have seen the series.
So the best traits of "Breaking Bad" are here adapted by a Vince Gilligan who takes up his excellent narrative style, between absurd dialogues, slow moments, violence and a whispered black humour that involves the usual wacky characters. "El Camino" is also a parade of beloved secondary characters and the first is to remember the vacuum cleaner man, Ed, played by Robert Foster, who died the same day the film was released on "Netflix". There are also; Mike Ehrmantraut, Jesse's beloved Jane, Todd the kindly psychopath, Jesse's friends and Walter White, whose presence frames that Jesse Pinkman can walk by himself,. The colourful world of "Breaking Bad" is therefore back and is in the midst of a clever game between flash back and present time.
Redemption is the best word to describe the story that starts shortly after the epilogue of the series. Jesse, still visibly shaken by the torture he has undergone, goes to his friend Skinny's house and from then on tries to fix his life or, better to say, cut with the past. The narrative at the present is cut by some flashbacks that serve as a link.
Not a surprising movie, but a film that closes the circle. Or maybe not, since the end is very open.